The Average American Gains 10 Pounds Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day . . .


Start a new tradition this year! 

One that has you smiling your way through the holidays, and enjoying your favorite activities (yes, even the food). You'll look better, feel better, and be so proud of yourself when you reach January 1st feeling great about your body and your health.

It's not what you might think . . .

  • I'm not going to show you some multi-step diet plan.
  • I'm not going to ask you to exercise or keep track of every step you take.
  • I AM going to show you a few simple things you can do starting today to keep your weight in check this holiday.

It’s not about being perfect! There’s no “plan” to follow. You don't even have to buy anything. All you need to do is follow the strategies that work for you.

This book is about holding steady. It’s about enjoying the holidays without feeling like crap when they’re over. If you indulge for a few days, enjoy them. And then use the strategies presented here to stay balanced.

It’s a short book because I know you’re BUSY. You’ve got cards to send and gifts to wrap. I get it. And I’m right there with you.

But before you get caught up in the whirlwind of activity . . . Do something DIFFERENT this year. Put yourself first! If you’d like some help and support, I’d love to help you out.

This book comes with a complimentary Holiday Survival Kit!

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